Copyright and media law

Copyright protects the intellectual property of authors from an ideal and material point of view. This is done through the Copyright Act, which protects the author’s moral rights, exploitation rights, rights of use and other rights. The Copyright Act covers, among other things, works of music, literature, science and art, provided they reach a certain level of intellectual creation. The Copyright Act also regulates the consequences of copyright infringement.
As a “cross-sectional matter”, media law is considered an umbrella term for the rights of the individual media. It organises individual and mass information and communication in the legal sense. It deals with legal issues relating to the press, broadcasting (radio, television) and film, as well as multimedia and the Internet. The aim of media law is the protection of intellectual property as well as the legal regulation of the use and usability of media transmitted content.

Services in copyright and media law

Services in copyright and media law

  • Author contract
  • Publishing contract
  • Management contract
  • Producer contract
  • Distribution contract
  • Booking contract
  • Guest performance contract / Concert contract
  • Location contract
  • Band takeover contract
  • Photo law (advice, representation and contracts)
  • Artist contract
  • Advice and representation in copyright infringement cases
Author contract
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